Your store isn't eligible for Instagram product tagging ?

We help you get eligible for Instagram product tagging

If your account is disapproved or denied for Instagram shopping and product tagging feature, Then you are at the right place! πŸ˜‡
We will help you fix this issue by handling the whole process and fulfilling all requirements that are needed for Instagram shopping. 

πŸ‘‰It is 100% money back guarantee.

Contact us before any payment

100% Safe methodology

  • We handle the whole thing

    First of all, we just need to ask a few questions, so as to fulfill all requirements that are necessary for Instagram shopping. It might take some time, but when completed, we will make a new appeal. 

  • Between 5 and 14 days

    If you already meet Instagram Terms of Policy, and work from an eligible country for product tagging, that means you can be 100% sure that you store will be eligible within 5 to 14 days .

  • 100% money back guarantee

    We offer you a secure payment platform, where you are charged only if it works. At the end of the process, you only can validate the payment, which Instagramus can't perceive before the mission is validated.

Enjoy every opportunity of Instagram product tagging, right now!

πŸ‘‰Have you already tried every option to fix this issue for weeks, even months?
πŸ‘‰Do you want to enjoy every Instagram opportunity with product tagging?
πŸ‘‰Does your business definitely deserve more than just being disapproved by Instagram ?

Get eligible now!

Our Pricing

Instagram Shopping ONLY

Instagram Shopping ONLY

Regular price $197.00

Facebook Shopping ONLY

Facebook Shopping ONLY

Regular price $147.00

Facebook + Instagram Shopping

Facebook + Instagram Shopping

Regular price $297.00

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Is it 100% successfull ?

Totally! In any case, before starting, we exchange about your issue and ask a few questions just to make sure we can help you. As you might know, Instagram and Facebook have strict terms and conditions that you need to know about first. 

If you are not sure about your respect of their policies, you can definitely contact us!

Will I have to share personal passwords (Instagram, Facebook and Shopify)?

Security and trust are paramount for our teams. For that reason, we will NEVER ask for any personal password. 
To fix your problem, we will need to have a glance at your Facebook, Instagram and Shopify settings, and therefore we work with a TeamViewer software which allows us to check directly with you, from your screen. 

Can my shop become ineligible for product tagging again after a while?

There is normally absolutely no reason! Instagram may check from time to time if your use is still matching their terms and conditions. If, for some reason, you violate their rules, it might happen and unfortunately in this case, we cannot help. 
When you get eligible thanks to our support, that means you are really and fully eligible and there is no reason to be blocked again with a normal use.

Do I only get charged if it's working ?

YES ! We are so convinced that we will help you, that your payment is not withdrawn before reaching functional completeness and your store is eligible for Instagram product tagging. This is how we work, and, of course, we will never charge a client if we don't meet the expectations. 

Do you have other expertise for Shopify, Facebook or Instagram ?

We love to help our clients all over the world, and we can do it in many ways. 
Instagramus is a community of 8 experts who have been working for more than 10 years in the digital and e-business industry. 
If you have any suggestion, problem or need, please feel free to ask us for advice. We can probably help you with a tailor-made offer or introduce you to someone who is certain to help you. 
And don't forget, there is no problem, only solutions!