Few steps before booking a meeting with our support team

So you have a problem with instagram product tagging and your store isn't eligible ?

You just contacted us because your store isn't eligible for product tagging on your instagram account and we thank you for trusting us. 

My name is John and in this article I would like to share with you some of the reasons that could explain your ineligibility for Instagram product tagging feature. Before making an appointment and providing you a quote for getting you eligible for Instagram product tagging, we would like you know some of the most common issues (for 90% of our client) so you can just correct it by yourself. 

You may have done this before but please, before booking a time slot with us, check those point one more time so everybody will gain time :) 

The first level of Instagram and Shopify checking

❶ Your Terms & Policies page

If you don't have this page at the moment, you will have to create it.
You can also generate them automatically for free with the following Shopify tools:
Terms and conditions
Privacy policy
Refund policy  


❷ The physical products that you are selling

Some products cannot be sold on Instagram and Facebook (animals, weapons, adult products, etc...)
> Check here to find all products categories that are prohibited

❸ The country from where you are operating your Instagram account

> Some countries are not taking part of the supported market which makes them ineligible for product tagging feature.

If these three first points are ok, then we can move onto the second checking and assistance. But first, let met check all of this and come back to you very soon. :)

Until now, it seems like everything is going fine  ? 

Great! Please check this 4 points that can explain your issue:

❹ You didn't convert your Instagram account to a business account

Please convert it now if you didn't make it yet > See tutorial

❺ You didn't connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page


❻ Your product catalogue is not connected properly


❼ You made too many appeals for Instagram eligibility in an excessively short lapse of time.

Please note: This list gathers the most popular issues for getting disapproved by Instagram. There are actually more than 100 criteria that must be thoroughly respected so as to get eligible.

So , if you still need assistance after trying these actions, or if you don't know how to do it and you would like us to handle the whole thing until you get eligible, we should proceed to the second step checking together.

Did you checked those points and everything is looking good but still no luck ?

Ok then this is great, and good news because there should not be any reason for you to be disapproved. In other words, we can help you get eligible for sure :)

If you tried everything and it's still not working OR if you have any question and you don't know if your facebook business manager is connected properly, you can book a time slot with us according to our availabilities on that link: 

BOOK a free slot with our support team

During our screen sharing session, our support guy will check your Shopify and Business Manager account settings and be able to make a quote for the work we will have to do.

if you need more information you can look on our FAQ section or just chat with us on facebook. 


Support team Coordinator