1 - Get your store eligible for Instagram product tagging

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Unfortunately, thousands of people working on Shopify have met this issue:
"Store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging".
We are a lot to face this problem and, without Instagram shop and product tagging features, you might be missing some serious sales.

👉Good news!!!! If your account is disapproved or denied for Instagram shopping and product tagging features, then you are at the right place! We will help you fix this issue, and we are 100% sure to do it. Thanks to our specific method, we handle the whole process by fulfilling all requirements that are needed for Instagram shopping. We will make an appeal and never abandon you along the way! Our goal is your success and we are helping you until it works. 

👉it's 100% money back guarantee.

What we do:

✅Page Setup
Analytics/Tracking Setup
Website Integration
✅Activate Facebook and instagram shopping (even from your shopify store)
100% secure (because we are working with screen sharing no need your password, or account details)
100% money back guarantee
Your instagram shop eligible between 5 and 14 days.

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